Providing a range of Python software for the Telit family of embedded hardware modules.

Remote Software Update Scripts

The remote update software includes both Python (unit side) and PHP (server side) components allowing updating of Telit modules in the field remotely via GPRS.


  • HTTP for simpler deployment (FTP server not required). Use of HTTP also helps avoid any provider restrictions (generally HTTP is less restricted than other network services such as FTP, POP3, SMTP etc).
  • Serving of multiple software types, and versions per server side script install.
  • Authentication of unit to the server via use of a password.
  • Running of custom specified AT commands before and/or after downloading of scripts.
  • Full or partial updates (deleting of all or only specified existing files on module).

Technical Description

On the Python (unit software) side of things, 2 scripts are provided, "update.pyo" containing the main update logic to connect to and request files over GPRS, and "" which simply imports the update script.

Note: It is the software implementers responsibility to implement the application logic to trigger an update in the first place. Triggering an update involves:

  1. Writing a file "upd_config" onto the module containing the GPRS APN, GPRS User ID, GPRS Password, Server URL, Server Password, Software Name / Version to download.
  2. Enabling the "" file such that the update script runs on the next reboot.
  3. Rebooting the unit (it is suggested to use the software watchdog functionality to provide a reboot).

After the update script has run successfully it will "enable" your application script as specified, and reboot allowing the newly updated application to start.


To purchase or for further information please email.

Please Note: Due to the more technical nature of this software there is a minimum order value of £95 GBP.