Providing a range of Python software for the Telit family of embedded hardware modules.
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Geo-Fence Vehicle Tracking Software (SMS Based)

The Python vehicle tracking software is ideal for those who wish to focus on adding value on the server software side, or those looking to integrate vehicle tracking into existing in house business systems.

The Geo-Fence Python vehicle tracking software is primarily suitable for those interested in knowing a vehicle is where it should be (or is not where it should not be) when do not require constant live tracking and the associated GPRS data cost is not required. It allows the user to specify up to 10 areas (latitude, longitude, radius), and for an SMS message to be sent when those areas are either entered into or exited out of.

For the full SMS command list see the manual.


Volume Licensing Costs

Qty. Cost (£ GBP per license)
1-4 25.00
5-9 20.00
10-24 12.00
25-49 6.00
50-99 POA (~4.00)
100+ POA

Note: Volume licensing costs are not yet finalised and subject to change.


To purchase in volume or for further information please email.

To purchase a single copy of the software use the PayPal button below (credit cards accepted).

Hardware Distributors

Telit module compatable hardware is available from: Sequoia (inc. Modules, contact Paul Gibbons +44 118 976 9000), M2M Platforms, Glyn (contact Mike Benson), Area SX s.r.l., RF Design.