Providing a range of Python software for the Telit family of embedded hardware modules.
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Cell ID Collection Software

The Cell ID basic collection software is designed to allow simultaneous collection of GPS positions, GSM cell IDs, and other associated data. This collected data can then be used to triangulate a mobile users approximate location from devices without a GPS.

Various commercial services such as FollowUs offer PAYG services for locating handsets without inbuilt GPS. Also for developers there are commercial services from Navizon, and Skyhook. However for those in need of only a limited data set for a specific area, compiling your own may be a more cost effective option.

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Cell ID Database Services:


Volume Licensing Costs

Qty. Cost (£ GBP per license)
1-3 25.00
3+ POA

Note: Volume licensing costs are not yet finalised and subject to change.

Please Note: Due to the more technical nature of this software there is a minimum order value of £125 GBP. All IMEIs must be specified in a maximum of two groups i.e. if ordering 10 licenses specify 2 IMEIs on initial payment then the other 8 e.g. 1 week later.


To purchase in volume or for further information please email.

To purchase a single copy of the software use the PayPal button below (credit cards accepted).

Hardware Distributors

Telit module compatable hardware is available from: Sequoia (inc. Modules, contact Paul Gibbons +44 118 976 9000), M2M Platforms, Glyn (contact Mike Benson), Area SX s.r.l., RF Design.