Providing a range of Python software for the Telit family of embedded hardware modules.

Animal (Low Power) Tracking Software

The animal tracking software was originally designed for use tracking animals in remote locations with intermittent / unreliable GPRS connections, and where modules will be running off battery power (therefore be required to to consume as little current as possible). It can however also be used in any situation where low power consumption / batter operation is required.

Technical Description

  • Software uses the module "shutdown" and "alarm" commands for very low idle current consumption.
  • A list of times over a 24hr period must be specified for positions collection, e.g. for collection of a GPS position twice per day at midnight, and 12am specify "0, 43200" (i.e. 60*60*12). At the specified time the software will wake up, save a position and then turn off again.
  • A limit on the number of positions to store is specified, e.g. 14. If storing 2 positions per day this would cause the software to collect 1 weeks worth of positions and send them to the server once per week. In terms of current consumption use of the GSM radio is a costly operation and therefore should not be done unnecessarily.
  • A server must be setup to accept positions reports via HTTP Post, sample PHP script can be provided.

Note: A trade off is being made between power usage and module lifespan. Telit recommend against using the internal memory to store this type of temporary data as it will eventually degrade. However it is expected that modules for use in animal tracking will have a limited expected lifespan anyway, therefore this is not generally not a concern.


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Please Note: Due to the more technical nature of this software there is a minimum order value of £195 GBP.