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Dolphin RS232 Serial to GPRS Gateway Unit

Dolphin RS232 Serial to GPRS Gateway Unit

The Dolphin Gatway can be connected to a RS232 Serial device in the field, allowing it to be accessable wirelessly/remotely over the GSM (GPRS) network. Optionally use Virtual Serial Port Software with the unit to make your remote device appear as a standard local serial port to existing software, or use two Dolphin Gateways to form a transparent serial bridge beetween two remote locations.

The Dolphin Gateway allows control of devices such as Data Loggers, Sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) remotely over the Internet.

It supports 2 primary modes:

  • Client Mode The unit acts as a client, remotely connecting to a server at a pre specified IP address and port. It can be either always connected, or connect only when data is received on the serial port.
  • Server Mode The unit acts as a server, listening for connections from a remote client on a specified port (additionally a source IP can be specified, and only connections from this IP will be accepted).

In both modes any data received via serial will be forwarded over the GPRS network to the IP / port specified, and any data received from the server (via the GPRS network) will be forwarded to the serial port. The unit is controlled via the use of SMS Command messages, these are standard text messages send via a mobile phone however they are formatted in a specific way that configure the Gateway unit (i.e. change GPRS settings, serial port baud rate etc).

For the full SMS command list see the manual.

Unit is supplied complete with GSM antenna, and 230V power supply, optional cable for 6V-30V operation available.

Volume Unit Costs

Qty. Cost (£ GBP per license)
1+ 160.00
5+ 152.00
10+ 140.00
20+ [Please Call]


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