Providing a range of Python software for the Telit family of embedded hardware modules.

What does TModSoft offer?

TModSoft provides a range of Python software suitable for the Telit embedded hardware modules that takes advantage of the inbuilt Python interpreter negating the need and extra integration cost of an additional micro controller.

The software is aimed at those designing their own hardware incorporating the Telit modules (GT863-PY, GT864-PY, GM862-QUAD-PY, GM862-GPS, GE863-PY, GE863-GPS, GE864-PY, GE864-AUTO, GC864-PY) or those purchasing off the shelf pre boxed hardware such as the GT863-PY, GT864-PY, Gatetel EZ10 PY or EZ863 PY Terminals. It is also suitable for e.g. distributors already supplying compatible hardware who are looking to offer extra value to their customers. i.e. software to turn otherwise non operational (without a development effort) hardware into a fully functional solution.

All software is supplied in the form of an easy to use Windows based loader application via email (connect the hardware via serial, and click connect to install). Source code is not supplied.

Vehicle Tracking Software

Features include: Position reports via GPRS or SMS, user configurable server / position report send interval, GpsGate (UDP/TCP) protocol support, Geo-Fence support, easy HTTP protocol integration option, SIM PIN support, Quad band* GSM support, easy HTTP protocol integration option, simple Windows based configuration utility.

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Geo-Fence Vehicle Tracking Software

The geo-fence / SMS based version of the tracking software is designed for those more interested in knowing a vehicle is where it should be (or is not where it should not be) who do not require constant live tracking and the associated GPRS data cost. Up to 10 areas/fences can be defined (lat/long/radius).

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SMS Printer Software

The Python SMS text message printer software allows the Telit modules to receive messages, and output them to a standard serial supporting receipt printer. Additionally GPIOs can be utilised in order to confirm receipt or messages, and signalling via SMS of pre defined states (e.g. restaurant open, restaurant closed).

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RS232 Serial to GPRS Gateway Software

The RS232 Serial Gateway software allows control of previously serial only capable devices remotely via the GSM (GPRS) network. It supports two primary modes, client (software connects to a remote server at a pre specified IP address and port), server (software listens for connections from a remote client on a specified port).

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GPIO SMS Remote Control and Monitoring Software

The GPIO software allows the user to remotely control physically connected hardware e.g. turn lights on/off via SMS message sent from a mobile/cell phone. It can also signal changes in state (monitor and report input changes) e.g. switch turned on / off via SMS message back to a pre specified telephone number.

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Cell ID Collection Software

The Cell ID basic collection software is designed to allow simultaneous collection of GPS positions, GSM cell IDs, and other associated data. This collected data can then be used to triangulate a mobile users approximate location from devices without a GPS.

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Remote Software Update

The remote update software includes both Python (unit side) and PHP (server side) components allowing updating of Telit modules in the field. It utilises HTTP meaning a simpler deployment (FTP server is not required). It supports a range of features including multiple software types, multiple versions, and authentication.

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Animal (Low Power) Tracking Software

The animal tracking software can be used for any situation where low power tracking (e.g. when running on a battery) is required. It supports use of the module "shutdown" and "alarm" commands for very low idle current consumption. A list of times over a 24hr period must be specified for positions collection.

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TMS Term

A Windows desktop application to facilitate development on the Telit range of embedded python modules. Providing easy access to common functions such as listing / uploading / download / compiling file, sending/receiving AT commands, displaying trace port output.

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SMSATRUN Command Sender

A Windows desktop utility that will send/receive Telit SMSATRUN messages. "Digest" is automatically generated from entered 16 character password. Requires serial SMS PDU mode supporting modem, received messages are decoded to text but multipart messages are not joined. Password must be specified by AT#SMSATWL or remotely enabled by Telit.